Thursday, March 19, 2009

St. Patricks Day 2009

This was the best St. Patricks day ever! every year Ryan Barton throws a party. this was my favorite one of all. just wach the video.


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

what ever happend to good old boycotting

"Did you know that you could die if you drink gasoline? that stuff is dangerous, not to mention all the carbon it produces they should just ban it."

dose this sound familiar? it should because this kind of crap is going all over America. right now there is this Led movement to remove led from all products. there are tons of dealers who sell scooters and quads for kids that are going out of business because they have led parts.

and pretty soon there will be lots of restaurants in Utah going under because they don't have the money to suddenly erect ten foot walls around the bars.

Obama even said in his address to congress about the stimulus bill that he was going to start going after the private jet industry.

I'm not just blaming Obama for this. there are plenty of pussy politics on both sides. (Democrat, and Republican) we have become a nation of babies who change the rools to the game when it starts to seem "unfair".

there is this amazing part of Capitalism called the invisible hand. if you don't like taking your family to a particular restaurant because there is a bar there, here is a big new idea GO SOMEWHERE ELSE! or if you think that Suzuki is trying to poison your child with its precious Led, BUY SOMETHING ELSE! or shop somewhere else. its called boycotting. then a restaurant goes "gee no body is coming hear to eat anymore maybe we should do something about it lets ether just be a bar or just be a restaurant" or perhaps your the only retard that is afended and they won't even miss you.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Benjamin Button

Toni and I were attacked by Jason on our way to see "Benjamin Button". it was a good movie if you have 3 hours to kill. not a family movie however. when are these people going to realize all the money is in family movies. all they had to do was cut two sex scenes and one F-bomb and it would be just fine to take the kids to see.